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Choose Great Artists Collective for high-quality hand-crafted jewelry and costume jewelry. Contact us today for more information on our jewelry and local art.

About Great Artists Collective

Located in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana at 815 Royal Street between Dumaine and St.Ann, we are open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 10 PM October thru July, and  5 days per week, Wednesday thru Sunday, 11 AM till 7PM in August and September, excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Mardi Gras day. Great Artists' Collective is a must see destination for those visiting this great city. There you can purchase quality one of a kind works of art of over 40 local artists and unique exclusive jewelry by Earring Lady. The Earring Lady along with her Elf behind the scene run the show here with the help of the other artists as it has been for 14 years. There is a wide array of art from hand painted greeting cards and hand blown glass to large oils on canvas. Art is priced from $5 to the thousands so there is something for everyone and all art is served with complementary refreshment. Now we bring these unique and exclusive works of art and jewelry to you worldwide. Enjoy shopping and have a great life!

About Earring Lady

The Earring Lady was born in the French Market in 1992 when she and her Elf set up and tore down their stall daily, selling their unique exclusive hand crafted Jewelry to the public. She was the Star busily daily selling their jewelry while the Elf gladly worked and slaved in the studio making well made, unique, exclusive jewelry that most anyone could love. At first, they made and sold only high end costume and a few sterling silver pieces but with the opening of Great Artists Collective in 2006 they started their Earring Lady Fine (ELF) line. You see, the Elf had learned how to cut and set stones in this time, and had sourced quality precious and semi precious stones from all over the world. You can meet the Earring Lady at the Great Artists Collective at 815 Royal Street New Orleans, LA and see and be able to purchase all the beautiful earrings,necklaces pendants and rings that her Elf produces. If you are lucky you might even get to meet the Elf or buy a piece of jewelry with one of the stones he has cut. Now you can buy here many of these beautiful  pieces.



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